AntiVirus Myths and Facts: Effective Ways to Judge an AntiVirus Engine

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About this White paper

This paper, written by Helmuth Freericks - a pioneer of one of the earliest antivirus companies, is designed to shed light on the most common antivirus myths and provide seasoned advice on objective and effective ways to judge your antivirus engine.

Common myths addressed include that antivirus software can only detect specific, known viruses and that the best way to test an antivirus solution is to throw as many viruses at it as possible. Complete the form to find out more.

"As an active, veteran member of the antivirus community and a pioneer of one of the earliest antivirus companies, I have spoken with thousands of people with an interest in antivirus over the last two decades. After speaking one-on-one with people for nearly 20 years, sharing facts about antivirus testing and other key areas, I decided it was time to record these myths and facts in a formal way."

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