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A Deep Dive on Phishing, Today's #1 Business Threat

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About this On-Demand Webinar

Phishing is now the #1 threat penetrating the defenses of small to mid-sized companies, according to a recent survey. This ondemand webinar is a deep dive of the special Cyren Cyberthreat Report dedicated exclusively to explaining and understanding phishing as practiced today; including:

  • What are the common types of phishing attacks, including new, creative attack scenarios
  • How the phishing economy is evolving, with “Phishing as a Service”
  • Who are the attackers, and the psychology they use to dupe their victims and penetrate business security
  • What it takes to recognise and stop phishing attempts
  • How built-in phishing browser protection stacks up in tests (and why you can't rely on it...)
  • Recent Cyren research showing how long phishing sites stay online

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