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How Changing Malware is Changing Security

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About this On-Demand Webinar

Get smart on malware! Come join an early pioneer in anti-virus technology, Fridrik Skulason, for a perspective on how malware has changed since his FRISK Software released the first anti-virus product to detect previously unknown computer viruses and virus variants in 1989, and the implications for business security of today’s robust “malware economy”

Webinar participants will come away from the session with an expert’s perspective on the current global malware landscape, including:

  • The evolution of malware to the present, and what to expect in the near and distant future
  • What is the “malware economy,” and what has changed about the motivation of the malware authors behind today’s threats
  • A breakdown of the families of threats we are currently confronting, and which are of the greatest concern
  • What design and distribution techniques malware authors use today to try to evade detection
  • What it takes for security systems to succeed today, and what capabilities to look for in security solutions

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