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Top 5 Office 365 Phishing Kits

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Event Details

Date and Time

Thursday, February 28

2:00 PM ET | 11:00 AM PT

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Webinar Speakers

Magni R. Sigurðsson.jpg

Magni Sigurdsson

Senior Threat Researcher


John Callon

Senior Director, Product Marketing

About this Live Webinar

Have you noticed an uptick in phishing traffic reaching your company’s users? Been impressed by the sophistication of so many phishing sites? Phishing has become an industry, with new services and turn-key “phishing kits” allowing nearly anyone to develop sophisticated attacks.

In this webinar, senior threat researcher Magni Sigurdsson will share the latest findings on phishing kits, including which brands are the most targeted, and go in-depth on the five most-used phishing kits, showing actual examples, reviewing the mechanics of how they work—including the evasive tactics utilized to evade detection—and explaining how both users and security systems can recognize them.

What You Will Learn

  • What are the top phishing kits today in terms of “market share” that users are likely to encounter?
  • What brands are being targeted by the phishing kit industry?
  • What techniques are being applied to phishing websites and phishing campaigns in general) to evade detection?
  • How can users identify the most sophisticated phishing websites? How can security systems do so?
  • What are the key phishing trends to look out for in 2019?

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