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Selecting Email & Web Security to Complement Office 365

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About this OnDemand Webinar

The choices available to those evaluating email and web security products and services today are many and confusing. Smaller and mid-sized enterprises will often not have the luxury of a team of staff to do the research and technical evaluation, nor will they have access to third-party analyst research to guide them.

For companies that have migrated to Office 365 or are planning to, the inclusion of some bundled, basic email security exacerbates the complexity of this process.

What You Will Learn

  • The most prevalent cyber threats faced by businesses using Office 365
  • The business traits that impact the types of threats you face
  • Which security solutions make the most sense within the context of your business
  • Why email and web security are critically important
  • How to evaluate email and web security solutions

Relying on Cyren Threat Intelligence

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