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“Fileless” Ransomware: The Next Big Thing?

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About this On-Demand Webinar

This webinar presentation by Arna Magnusardottir, Senior Malware Researcher at Cyren, will provide an end-to-end look at fileless ransomware attacks and show how they fit into the current ransomware landscape. Using real-world examples, she will cover the range of techniques in use, common attack vectors, and strategies for defense for IT and security managers.

What You Will Learn

Participants in the webinar will come away with insight into:

    • What exactly is “fileless” malware, when did the technique develop and where has it been seen to date
    • Why fileless methods are becoming increasingly coupled with ransomware, and the implications for IT security
    • What are the main techniques used in fileless malware
    • What does the end-to-end attack chain of fileless ransomware look like
    • What are the challenges in combating fileless malware
    • Which detection methods are effective – and which are not

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