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How Evasive Malware-as-a-Service is Changing Internet Security

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About this On-Demand Webinar

Malware authors continue to evolve distribution and coding techniques to get their software past business security. In this webinar, Senior Solutions Engineer Tom McNash will review the rise of the malware service industry on the dark web, which is facilitating new malware attacks and contributing to rising volumes of more sophisticated malware.

What You Will Learn

Participants in the webinar will come away with insight into:

    • Specific case studies and discussion of new malware obfuscation and malware generation services on the dark web which are transforming how malware is developed and distributed
    • The type and range of techniques commonly applied in malware attacks to fool security systems
    • What percentage of malware is considered “hyper-evasive,” and what percentage manage to fool sandboxes?
    • Who has the upper hand in the cat-and-mouse game between malware authors and sandboxing solutions?
    • What’s the needed response from security systems to counter rising malware volumes and sophistication?

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