The Phishing Issue: From Targeted Attacks to High-Velocity Phishing

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About this Report

Get up to speed on the global rise of phishing attacks with Cyren's latest special issue Cyberthreat Report, completely dedicated to phishing and its various sub-genres like business email compromise, spear phishing and whaling.

Fueled by the vast opportunity and the advent of "phishing-as-a-service," phishing is proving to be a robust growth industry. This growth is being felt on the front lines—a recent Cyren survey of IT managers found that almost one-third reported a phishing breach at their company in the past year.

This 20-page report details:

  • Phishing terminology and how phishing attacks work, with different cases illustrated
  • The interplay between mass-scale, botnet-driven phishing email campaigns and researched, targeted attacks
  • How business email compromise (BEC) scams reel in your employees
  • How to approach the topics of phishing risk and phishing protection ROI
  • What brands are most used by phishing campaigns
  • How phishing campaigns have accelerated and the importance of speed-of-protection
  • What companies can do to improve protection
  • Cyren's updated quarterly global threat trend data charts
  • And much more!

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