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Email Security Gap Analysis: How Do You Know Your Security Is Working?

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About this On-Demand Webinar

A decade ago, email threats were well understood and reasonably under control, leading email security to become “commoditized” and vendors to diversify into other services, losing focus on security. This lack of investment and innovation in email security is evident in the success of modern threats like ransomware and phishing, and begs the question ‘How much malware, phishing and spam is really getting through to my users?’

Cyren has developed a free Email Security Gap Analysis test in order to measure how well a company’s in-place security is performing relative to detection by Cyren’s global security cloud, and recently published a report with aggregated data on results from assessments done in September and October. The webinar will cover a discussion of the findings in that report, additional insights and threat examples uncovered during assessments (appropriately anonymized), and how to have your own gap analysis done.

Participants in the webinar will come away with a sense of:

  • How much spam, malware and phishing are current email security systems missing?
  • What was the range of results for different assessment participants, considering different case studies? What factors drive higher or lower “miss” rates for malicious emails, even for systems provided by the same security vendor?
  • What might be an expectation for my own company’s security?
  • How is an email gap analysis conducted? What is involved in terms of configuration and are there any impacts to current email operations?
  • How can I arrange to run an Email Security Gap Analysis for my own company? What are the eligibility requirements?

Relying on Cyren Threat Intelligence

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