Reducing the Risk of Phishing Attacks: It’s About Time

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About this Aberdeen Group White paper

In this paper, security industry analyst Derek Brink, a Research Fellow at Aberdeen Group, crunches real-world data and measures the business risks of phishing attacks, including calculating the costs of phishing to businesses, the probability of small and large losses, and the ROI on incremental investments in advanced security to prevent phishing.

Considering that roughly 80% of all phishing victims are hooked during the first 60 minutes of a new phishing attack, the paper then discusses new, emerging types of security solutions capable of early detection, which are combining the visibility and scale of a global, cloud-based security platform with continuous, automated analysis and correlation of data.

This 11-page report provides a data-driven framework for thinking about your investments in security, and includes answers to questions like:

  • What’s the average cost of a successful phishing attack to businesses?
  • How do you quantify the risk your business faces?
  • What’s the probability that a phishing attack will causes losses exceeding $10 million?
  • What is the ROI on incremental investment in advanced web and email security?
  • What is the “long tail” of security risk, and what’s the implication for choosing the appropriate level of security for my business?

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