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How Ransomware is Evolving and What to Do About It

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About this On-Demand Webinar

Get smart on ransomware! Magni Sigurdsson, Security Analyst, and Duncan Mills, Product Marketing Director, dive into in-depth session on the history and current status of ransomware threats.

By viewing this session you will come away with an expert’s perspective on the current global ransomware landscape, including an understanding of:

  • the evolution of ransomware from the first known floppy-disk-distributed malware extortion attack in 1989 (a fascinating story!) to the main ransomware campaigns of 2017
  • the latest developments in the “ransomware economy” and Ransomware-as-a-Service
  • the latest techniques being incorporated into the design and distribution of ransomware to evade detection and maximize payout
  • ransomware by the numbers globally, highlighting attack volumes and attack trends
  • what it takes for security systems to block modern ransomware, and what capabilities to look for in security solutions

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