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About this Report

Cyren examined 10.7 million inbound emails at companies using the Office 365 email service to identify any possible “security gaps” in the protection offered by the service, and any potential risks for the companies.

The study revealed that 9.3% of email delivered to users by Office 365 was spam, phishing, and malware attachments. Emails were passed through Cyren’s automated security cloud for inspection and classification. Identified phishing and malware emails are further classified by type in the report.

The report results are aggregated across the data collected from the various companies whose inbound email traffic was tested during the month of September 2017.

Questions answered by this report:

  • What is the breakdown of spam, phishing, and malware that Office 365 fails to stop?
  • Is Office 365’s standard embedded security sufficient for my business, or do we need additional security?
  • Based on the average percentages from the companies tested, how many phishing and malware emails are currently reaching users at my company?
  • Of malware being delivered to users, what percentage was previously known, and how much is new, previously unknown viruses, worms, ransomware and such?
  • Are the phishing emails still delivered to users primarily financial phishing, password-stealing phishing, or other types?

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