IT Security in the UK: 2017 Business Survey

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About this Report

Get a complimentary copy of a just-concluded survey by Osterman Research of IT and security professionals at over 100 small and mid-sized companies and governmental organisations in the UK with 100 to 5,000 employees, with responses broken out by company size, and benchmark your own security planning with answers from your peers.

This 27-page report details:

  • How many have suffered an infection or security breach in the past year, and how did it originate.
  • What percentage of IT managers currently prefer on-premises security solutions versus cloud-based security.
  • What are the features most sought in evaluating new web and email security solutions, and how do they vary for small and large organisations.
  • What do IT managers consider the highest priority security gaps for investment.
  • What threats are of greatest concern, and how prepared do companies think they are at stopping them.
  • Is inspecting SSL traffic for threats now a widespread practice.
  • How are companies protecting traveling employees and remote offices.

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