Email Security Today: How Well are Companies Doing?

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About this Report

Did you know that 75% of businesses suffered an email-related security breach in 2016? Get a complimentary copy of a just-concluded survey and report on email security by Osterman Research, entitled Is Your Email Security Working? A Survey of the State of Ransomware, Phishing, and Business Email Compromise, and benchmark your own email security management with the answers from IT and security professionals at over 160 companies.

This 14-page report details:

  • What are the threats of highest (and least) concern?
  • How much did companies spend on security per employee in 2016, and what spending is expected for 2017?
  • Have email security solutions improved, and in what aspects might they be falling further behind?
  • How has the criminal “cybermarket” relatively switched from stealing information to directly stealing funds?
  • How effectively trained on security risks are employees?
  • What are best practices to reduce email security risk?

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