The Phishing Issue: A Deep Dive Into Today's #1 Web Security Threat

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About this Report

Get up to speed on the global rise of phishing attacks with Cyren's special issue Cyberthreat Report, completely dedicated to phishing and its various sub-genres like spear phishing and whaling.

As business in its many aspects continues to move online, phishing is a robust growth industry with seemingly nothing but (illegal) upside ahead. This growth is unfortunately being felt on the front lines – a recent Cyren survey of IT managers found that phishing was #1 in causing security breaches at companies, with 43% of IT managers confirming they had suffered a successful phishing-related attack in the past year.

This 20-page report details:

  • The anatomy of phishing attacks
  • New, creative attack scenarios such as “Find My Phone” phishing
  • Head-to-head testing of various browsers’ built-in phishing protection (and why you can’t rely on them...)
  • And much more!

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