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Deploying Cloud-based Web Security as your First/Last Line of Defense

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About this On-Demand Webinar

For many years, cyber security best practice was to deploy ‘layered’ technologies - to ensure maximum protection against threats. The theory behind this is simple: the weaknesses of a given technology would be covered by the strength of another. However, the technologies 'layered' were never designed to operate in a threat landscape where massive global attacks can be completed in a few minutes and threats possess the ability to “self-modify” to avoid detection. Only a cloud-based solution offers the up-to-the-moment cyber intelligence needed to protect against such threats.

View this on-demand webinar to explore how to deploy a cloud-based web security solution as a “last line of defense” to cover against weaknesses in your current technology stack, or as a “first line of defense” if your existing technologies are reaching the end of their operational life.

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