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Can a Light Bulb Really Pose a Security Threat? A Practical Look at the Internet of Things and Cybersecurity

About this On-Demand Webinar

In a few short years, the average organization, individual, and/or home will have more than 500 Internet-connected devices. Everything from automobiles and public transit to thermostats and sprinkler systems will be connected to the Internet. 

With so many connected IOT devices, cybercriminals will potentially be able to leverage programming and security flaws to exploit individuals, groups, companies, and governments. Developing a meaningful security strategy for IOT devices is critical today! 

View this ondemand webinar today to learn more.

- Answer the question: Can a light bulb really pose a security threat?

- This webinar is intended to be a practical, grounded approach to discussing Internet of Things and cybersecurity.

Yes! I want to find out about the Internet of Things and cybersecurity.

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