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That's the Way the Network Perimeter Crumbles: Web Security for the New Technology Paradigm

About this On-Demand Webinar

Today’s business technology model is massively distributed and the traditional network perimeter is crumbling:

•  Users are on the move and connect to corporate assets wherever they are 
•  Corporate data and applications are moving to the Cloud
•  Roaming devices are always connected, but rarely controlled 
•  The Internet of Things adds new categories of devices to be secured 
•  Cybersecurity threats are more complex and pervasive

IT is trying to respond to these changes, but the tools it has were designed for 20th century centralized networks that faced 20th century threats. To meet today's challenges, cybersecurity must change too from the legacy centralized, hardware driven model, to one that places the perimeter around the user – not the network - and gives them a ‘clean’ Internet connection, wherever they are. 

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